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Sat Jan 25 2020 04:37 AM

Starting early helps (for children)
While the typical age for starting orthodontic treatment is 12 years, it is best to get a thorough orthodontic evaluation as soon as your child turns 8. Delaying treatment until adolescence increases the incidence of extraction of permanent teeth. So, it is best to seek treatment before a child reaches pubertal age and the peak growth of bone ceases. Early intervention can help to rectify the problems at much early age with less problems in the future leaving little chance of surgery or extractions in the future. Treatment is also much more stable. In some cases, the need for braces could be entirely eliminated as well by using other orthodontic appliances.

As soon as the parents notice that the teeth are not coming in proper alignment or if the child had some habit like thumb sucking or lip sucking then it is advised to seek help to correct it.

There are many habit breaking removable appliances available and these prevent malocclusion of teeth. Newer techniques such as space maintainers, headgear’s, utility arches, palatal ex-panders and twin blocks can bring the teeth into proper alignment without even using braces.

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