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Welcome to Pearly White Dental Center, Muscat

We launched our services in 2008 in Muscat, Oman with a goal to give both you and your family a healthy and a pearly white smile that will last long-term. We welcome everyone, including children, and would like to have the opportunity to discuss and explain our recommended treatments in detail. Every person who visits us receives personal one-on-one attention with Dr. Raj and benefits from her expertise and guidance.

Dentistry is still a very young science and is constantly evolving. The profession is becoming more exciting with new innovations and new forms of treatment constantly being added. Every day technologies improve and the result is that our patients can receive more comfortable and convenient dental care than ever before. You no longer have to fear your dental visits. With the help of modern technology and time-tested methods, we can provide dental care in a nearly pain-free environment, and we are proud to say that many of our patients no longer fear their dental visits.

Come in and enjoy the comfort of our newly designed, very relaxing dental center and receive advanced, pain-free care. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you maintain a healthy, pearly white smile for a lifetime.

Our Core Values

Hearing you is important

We believe that the most important thing is to carefully listen to what our patients say. Many patients who come to us have been to other dentists but were not satisfied with the quality of care that they received. To be able to talk to our patients and earn their trust is paramount to us. We like to talk to our patients, listen to them, and then give them our full attention and effort.

Patients come first

The underlying principle of our practice is to treat patients as part of our family. Every patient deserves kindness, respect, and compassion. You’ll notice this difference from your first visit. You’ll feel the warmth, caring, and positive energy throughout Pearly White Dental, as our entire staff would be keen to make you feel welcome and know your unique needs and goals. As our patient, you can expect to become more than a patient – a friend whom we will always remember and make a part of our dental family.

Honesty and ethics

We believe that the first step towards developing a relationship is being honest. We observe this in our work and ensure that we always offer our patients solutions that are good for them and not merely rewarding for us. That may very well mean suggesting options that may be cheaper but better for the patient. We believe that an ethical practice always pays in the long term and allows our patients to keep coming back to us for their dental needs.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Richa Raj
Director & Founder

"I believe that teeth are one of the strongest parts of our body while also being aesthetically important. My efforts are always directed to try and save existing teeth since there cannot be any real substitute for natural pearly whites. Thanks to the advancements in modern dentistry, now it is possible to preserve the original tooth structure which is not only beneficial for the long term health and function of patient’s teeth, but also leads to substantial saving of time and money in the long term.” Dr. Raj .

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