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Sun May 19 2024 09:42 AM

When one or more of the teeth are missing, it will invariably affect the way the rest of the teeth bite together. In a normal, healthy mouth, chewing function is well balanced since each upper tooth has proper contact and function with corresponding lower teeth. This natural proper balance, prevents any undue strain or irritation on the gum tissue and the bone. However if the teeth are missing, that may cause the remaining teeth to tilt and drift into the gaps. Food can also get trapped in the spaces, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. When many teeth are missing, it can cause the facial muscles to become saggy, affecting your speech and appearance.

The consequences of missing teeth could be as follows:

  • The opposing molar may super-erupt.
  • The unprotected ridge can get affected by trauma.
  • The neighboring teeth tilt thus destroying proper functional balance
  • The drifting teeth create food impact areas where decay starts and periodontal disease can start

The loss of teeth often causes diminished self-confidence and chewing difficulties. So, it is necessary to replace the missing teeth as early as possible We at Pearly White, offer a number of teeth replacement options for our patients to choose from.

These options include the latest Dental Implants, various kinds of Bridges (metal ceramic and metal free bridges) as well as Dentures. All these replacement teeth are made to match the colour of your natural teeth as closely as possible.

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