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Mon Apr 15 2024 00:31 AM

We have invested in the latest hardware and software to assist us in providing the highest level of care. This includes:

Intraoral cameras 

Intraoral cameras allow us to have a more accurate diagnosis of any problems in the mouth. It also allows the patient to participate in the treatment planning process by allowing them to see what the dentist sees. The full-colour video and images of the inside of your mouth are enlarged and sent to a computer screen that is placed in front of the patient on the dental chair.

Treatment Videos 

Not only can we use computer imagery to show you the current condition of your teeth and gums, we have animated videos on various treatments to explain certain procedures and treatments. This wonderful addition takes the guesswork out of the process and is a very helpful tool for the patient to understand the course of action.

Digital X-rays 

Digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure by as much as 90% when compared to film based x-rays. They also provide a more clear, sharp and an enlarged view of the teeth. Digital X-rays not provide an immediate image (no more waiting for 10 minutes to develop the film) but also display the image on the screen in front of us and the patient. Digital enlargement gives us a much better view and enables our team to more accurately diagnose the problem.

Laser Dentistry 

Lasers are changing the face of dentistry and allow patients to enjoy less invasive dental procedures, faster healing times, as well as a higher level of comfort. With a vast array of applications, lasers are being used to detect and treat cavities, whiten teeth, manage gum disease, and much more.

Paperless Office 

We have invested in the latest information technology solutions to provide us and our patients the convenience of a paperless and wireless office. Our patients do not have to wait for us to locate their files and their entire case history is available neatly at the click of a button. We also ensure that we back up our data to ensure that we do not lose our precious case files.

Smart motor based endodontics 

Dr. Raj employs an advanced endo motor for all her root canal treatment. This motor with an apex locator not only is more accurate but also cleans the canals more thoroughly thus increasing the chances of a successful outcome. This also cuts down on the number of visits thereby savings both your and our time.

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