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Mon Apr 15 2024 01:13 AM

In the past, injured or diseased teeth frequently had to be removed. However, today it is possible to save the tooth in most cases by a form of treatment known as Root Canal Treatment (also referred to as “RCT”). Dr. Raj is highly experienced in performing RCT’s and the procedure requires one to three visits to our dental center.

The procedure involves removing inflamed or damaged tissue from inside a tooth (root canals) and cleaning, filling and sealing the remaining space. It is required when a deep cavity, caries or crack destroys the protective layers leaving the pulp exposed to the bacteria in your mouth. This can result in inflammation, infection and, eventually, necrosis (pulp death). A severe blow to the tooth can also damage the pulp. Irritants may then escape from the end of the root and cause a diseased area (apical lesion) in the bone.

Root canal treatment removes the damaged pulp and irritants. This allows the bone surrounding the root end to repair and heal.

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