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Sun May 19 2024 09:58 AM

A bridge could be implant supported as well as tooth supported, it replaces one or more teeth in a row, and it is a fixed prosthetic, meaning that you cannot remove it. The replacement teeth are attached to one another to form the bridge. On the ends of the bridge are crowns that fit upon healthy teeth/implant adjacent to where the bridge will reside.

Maryland bridge
Maryland Bridge is a special class of bridge made of a special metal frame with wings on the sides. The wings are cemented on to the enamel of the adjacent teeth to hold the bridge in place. The wings of the Maryland Bridge are attached using a strong adhesive. A Maryland Bridge allows the bridge to be fitted quickly with minimal damage to the surrounding area. They are generally used for replacing a single tooth in the front area of your mouth.

The main advantage of a Maryland Bridge is that the natural teeth are relatively undisturbed. They are also less expensive than a standard bridge.

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