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Fri Jul 19 2024 08:51 AM

Are you worried that too much of your gums are showing when you smile? Is your gum line very uneven or receding? If so, then gum reshaping (or contouring) could be for you. With gum reshaping, these problems can be easily resolved either as a standalone treatment or in combination with other treatments such as dental implants or veneers.

Gum reshaping results are immediate and the great thing about gum reshaping is that results are usually permanent. Cosmetic gum surgery is the procedure of lengthening your teeth from the neck of the tooth upwards. Your teeth then appear to be longer and much less gum is seen when you smile.

Tooth reshaping, or contouring, is one of few instant treatments now available in cosmetic dentistry. Dental reshaping and contouring is a procedure to correct crooked teeth, chipped teeth, cracked teeth or even overlapping teeth in just one session.

The dental contouring procedure can even be a substitute for braces under certain circumstances. It is also a procedure of subtle changes. A few millimetres of reduction and a few millimetres of tooth-coloured laminate can create a beautiful smile with no discomfort to you. Tooth reshaping, or dental contouring, is commonly used to alter the length, shape or position of your teeth.

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