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Sun May 19 2024 09:52 AM

Do you realise that after every night, you could be experiencing increase in teeth sensitivity? Night grinding is one of the main causes of teeth sensitivity. It is a medical condition wherein a person unconsciously clenches his or her teeth, mostly while asleep. Also known as “Bruxism”, teeth grinding affects as many as 96 percent of adults. It usually occurs at night, while the person is not even aware of it. You may have been a tooth grinder for years and not realizing it. The leading cause of teeth grinding is “STRESS”

Bruxism contributes to flattened, worn down, chipped, cracked, and loosened teeth. It also leads to making the healthy teeth hypersensitive to cold. Damage caused to the teeth by Bruxism is irreversible. Pain and tightness in the jaws and its muscles. Intense clenching of teeth enough to wake up the person sleeping alongside you is a common symptom

To prevent your teeth from getting damaged, we can make a plastic or acrylic appliance for you to wear to stop teeth grinding at night also called “Night Guard”. Although it may not stop you from grinding teeth, it will redistribute the forces from grinding and protect your teeth from damage. Keep in mind, however, that in order for the night guard to do any good, you must remember to wear the night guard each night for it to work properly. It takes a few nights to get adjusted to, but it is usually comfortable to wear.

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